Mobile First Web Design: Step-By-Step Guidance

Do you want to learn how to create your mobile first web design? You have come to the right place! Check out our ultimate guide and get all important information you need to know!

A lot of people are asking – why mobile first design is so important? Well, the answer is simple – because the world is getting more and more connected through the use of mobile devices. The number of people who use smartphones rises all the time. That is a good reason why you need to start with mobile first web design.

In order to start, you will need to learn everything about the mobile first design including why mobile first web design matters and mobile first approach and its progressive enhancement.

The Importance of Mobile First Web Design

As we said before, the number of mobile users is growing constantly. For a lot of people today, smartphones are the first opportunity to explore the world of internet and connect with the people they love. What is even more surprising, for many of these people, the smartphones are the only possibly chance to get online. This is because, in many places around the world, people can’t afford to have laptops or desktop computers.

It is enough to get out on the street and you will realize that mobile devices are everywhere around you. You will see many people on their phones, talking, sending messages, emailing, checking the social networks, downloading, or simply browsing.

This fact is extremely important to bear in mind because the number of people who are using mobile phones is significant. These people are going to be your clients and you have to start thinking about them.

The whole idea behind the mobile first web design is to start sketching, planning, and wire framing for the desktop computers. Once you are done with that design, you can move to the lower levels which means that you need to prepare the layout for laptops, laptops, and finally for mobile phones. The mobile first approach actually turns the process of designing inside out.

Now that you are familiar with the mobile first design you will understand the term progressive enhancement better. The goal of progressive enhancement is to provide a better functionality to everyone. In other words, when you develop something, you need to make sure it works on every device. Make your thing work!

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